Car Accidents – Never a Planned Event

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head-on collisionIt is very disturbing to drive down the road and see a bad automobile accident. We remember the image of the automobile accident, and we have a sense of sadness for the victims in the accident. However, a few minutes after we pass the accident scene, we have all but forgotten about the events that we witnessed. The accident and its victims become just another statistic.

The situation is very different when you and your loved ones are involved in an automobile accident. Victims of automobile accidents can remember with vivid clarity the sights, sounds, and smells in the moments before, during, and immediately after their accident. It changes your life forever.

The days and weeks after an automobile accident are also trying. In addition to dealing with their own injuries and loss of property, automobile accident victims must cope with greedy insurance companies and automobile manufacturers doing everything in their power to avoid providing the victim the compensation they deserve after their accident. When victims are dealing with trying situations like these, they need the help of an experienced and fearless personal injury attorney.

How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

As a personal injury attorney, I do more than just help accident victims collect damages. I work diligently to help identify who was truly at fault and whose negligence led to the accident. My goal is to hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Unfortunately, medical bills, injuries, emotional trauma, and loss of wages are things that injury victims may have to deal with for the rest of their lives. I work hard to correct the injustice that is done to victims of automobile accidents.

Determining Responsibility in an Automobile Accident

Of primary concern to an automobile accident victim is determining who is responsible for the accident. Determining who is liable is directly linked to determining who is responsible financially for the damages to property and personal injury that are caused by the accident. In many cases, distracted drivers are the reason for motorcycle crash, car crash or any other motor vehicle accidents. They are either talking on their cell phone, texting, applying makeup, changing the radio station, or doing a whole host of other things that cause them to take their eyes off the road for just a few seconds.

Drunk driving is another primary cause for fatal accidents on the road. If it is proven in court that the driver of the other vehicle was under the influence of alcohol, they may be held criminally and civilly liable in court.

Automobile Manufacturer Malfunctions

Another reason for automobile accidents is defective auto parts. If the automobile does not function properly, it could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash. Automobile manufacturers have the responsibility to ensure that every single vehicle they put out on the road is safe. Sadly, some automobile companies would prefer to make a profit while putting their customers’ safety at risk. If you or someone you love was seriously injured because of defective automobile products, contact me immediately. I will fight for you and help you receive the justice you deserve.

What to Do If You Are a Victim of an Automobile Accident

It is understandable that emotions are running high in the moments after you were the victim of an automobile accident. However, it is essential that you take some steps to protect yourself. This includes getting everything properly documented. With this documentation, we can go toe to toe with insurance companies that may try to avoid providing you with a prompt payment for your claims of compensation.

My firm is dedicated to treating each and every victim as a person. If you are not compensated, I do not get paid. No matter how complicated your case seems to be, I invite you to discuss it with me. I have many years of experience that I am willing to put to work for you. I want to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a dedicated, driven, professional personal injury attorney on your side. Call today or fill out our online contact form.