Car Accident Lawyers Represent Paralyzed Victim

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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Summary

Philadelphia car accident lawyers representing a 17 year old personal injury victim who was a passenger in his teenage cousin’s car, secured a large settlement for the car accident victim. The car went out of control and flipped over multiple times. The police report showed that the teenagers were playing a driving game where they would drive slowly, wait for a vehicle to pass them, speed up again and pass that vehicle, then slow down again and wait for the vehicle to pass. The car the teenagers were in came into contact with an unsuspecting vehicle, causing their car to crash and flip over.  The injured passenger is now a quadriplegic.

Car Accident Claims and Facts

The evidencde showed that the injured passenger and his cousin were in their car and were driving in front of a Buick on a 2-lane highway in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The cousin-driver sped-up and tailgated the Buick and tried to pass. As they were traveling side by side, another vehicle came from the opposite direction, forcing their car into the Buick, causing the accident and serious personal injuries to the passenger. The injured passenger was ejected from his cousin’s car, after it hit a pole and a fence. The personal injury victim is permanently injured, and will need home care for the rest of his life.

Car Accident Settlement

As in most car accident cases, this claim resulted in a car accident settlement, which in this case, netted a big settlement because the personal injury victim is paralyzed.

Car Accident Lawsuit Discussion

There is a claim against the Buick which is still pending. The theory against the driver of the Buick is that he didn’t allow the vehicle the injured passenger was in to pass. The actions of the driver of the car the injured victim was in was so obviously reckless and negligent that there was no doubt as to who was at fault. Luckily for the victim, there was plenty of automobile insurance to cover his personal injuries. The case against the other driver is continuing, but will probably result in a personal injury settlement. Contact Philadelphia injury attorney at 1-800-injury-law for a free consultation.