Bicycle Injury Attorney When Drivers Fail to Share the Road

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bicycle injury attorney Philadelphia

There is nothing more invigorating than a quiet bike ride through our historic Philadelphia setting. Not only is biking a healthy alternative for you and our environment, but it also connects you more closely to our city and to fellow biking enthusiasts. It is not surprising, consequently, to find our Philadelphia bicycling community sound and growing.

bicycle injury attorney PhiladelphiaUnfortunately, the invigorating part may be the adrenaline rush of trying to avoid the need for a Philadelphia bicycle injury attorney. Not all motorists honor your passion. Some drivers have such utter disregard for cycling that they drive recklessly around those who choose to cycle. Sadly, in any bicycle accident involving a vehicle, the cyclist is likely to face serious injury and an arduous journey back to the days when she or he can cycle freely once again.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a vehicle while biking, then the services of a bicycle injury attorney are needed to avoid being taken advantage of by the insurance companies. Many motorists are quick to blame the cyclists for such accidents, but a study by Dr. Chris Cavacuiti of the University of Toronto shows that less than 10% of bike/car accidents are caused by cyclists.

As a Pennsylvania cyclist injured by a motorist’s careless behavior, you should only have to concern yourself with healing, not medical bills, lost wages from work, or the stigma that might be associated with being the bicyclist in a car/bike accident. As your Philadelphia bicycle accident lawyer, I am committed to protecting your rights as a Philadelphia taxpayer who has built the roadways of our area just as much as any motorist.

After all, Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, so we must work to protect the passions of our individual citizens, whether that love be jogging, bicycling, or driving a car. Pennsylvania bicycle injury laws are clear to do so, but it takes a top Philadelphia injury lawyer, to keep those laws at the forefront of our community. We work to ensure that bicyclists do not get the taken advantage of by insurance companies trying to get around the law.

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