Bicycle Accident Lawyers Case Results in Big Verdict

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Bike Accident Lawyers Settlement Summary

A bicycle messenger (the personal injury victim) was weaving in and out of traffic on Market Street near 16th when struck by a motorist. The car driver and eye witnesses confirm that the bicyclist was driving carelessly, but the car driver had a yellow light. In the personal injury lawsuit that followed, there is conflicting eye witness testimony.

Bicycle Accident Verdict

The Philadelphia Jury finds that both the personal injury bicycle victim and the motor vehicle operator were at fault, but that the motor vehicle operator should have slowed and stopped for the yellow light instead of trying to beat the light, which resulted in the personal injury to bicyclist.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Discussion

Bicycle accidents (and motorcycle accidents) are difficult to try, as the general public believes that those drivers are inherently reckless, careless, and are usually to blame for accidents that they are in. Is this true? Not always, but the public, which makes up a bicycle accident lawsuit jury may believe so. While we are always prepared to go to trial, it is sometimes best to work out a bicycle accident settlement.