Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorney Settlement

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Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorney Summary

The personal injury victim driver of a car alleged that a pick-up truck driver, who was working for PATCO, negligently failed to stop for a red light in Philadelphia, causing a auto accident collision with the side of the injured party’s car. The personal injury victim sustained severe leg and ankle fractures which eventually resulted in a lower leg amputation.

Auto Accident Claims And Facts

The auto accident crash happened shortly after the car driven by the personal injury auto accident victim crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia while on his way to work. The camera’s on the bridge captured the entire auto accident, and it was clear that injury victim’s version of the auto accident was the correct one.

Auto Accident Settlement Discussion

The injuries in this auto accident were severe and the auto accident settlement amount reflected that. The injured crash victim contended that he suffered compound, displaced  fractures of his leg, as well as his ankle. The orthopedic surgeon performed surgery 2 weeks after the auto accident, which included the placement of plates and screws. Unfortunately, the surgical site became infected, necessitating two debridements. There were two more surgeries, one of which involved the placement of an external fixator. He also developed gangreen and after a total of 12 surgeries, his leg had to be amputated below the knee. The auto accident lawyer hired an economist and vocational expert, and was able to prove that because of the injuries, the plaintiff would have over 3 million dollars in lost income.

Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorney Discussion

This auto accident settlement came shortly after opening statements by the Philadelphia auto accident lawyer for the personal injury victim. During the personal injury lawyer‘s opening statement, in which he was describing the injuries and surgeries, one juror fainted because she was so effected by the horrible nature of the injury.