Auto Accident Injury Attorney Details Lesser known Rules of the Road

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Making Legal Turns onto Multi-lane Roadways

Philadelphia car accident lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys sees case after case with causation that could easily have been avoided if the defendant had just followed the rules of the road.

auto accident injury attorney pennsylvaniaWhen vehicles on the road are working together under the same set of rules, we can all have a safe and enjoyable experience as we travel to our destinations. There are rules of driving that are not as familiar yet are very important to keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible and prevent accidents.

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A common situation is when vehicles are turning onto a traffic artery that has more than one lane in each direction. It is important and required by law to turn into the right lane when turning right and the left lane when turning left. It may sound simple, but drivers break this law routinely.

The exception to this rule is when one is turning from multiple turn lanes, in which case you must stay in the same lane as you turn.

The Danger in Crossing Multiple Lanes

Many drivers will cross over lanes as they are turning in order to position themselves for their next turn. Any auto accident injury attorney knows this is dangerous, counter-productive, and will earn you a ticket if you are caught. It is also inconsiderate to the drivers behind you as you wait for the opportunity to dash across all the lanes. Simply pull into the lane on your proper side, and then turn on your signal and make the proper lane changes you need to get into your new lane.

This will get you over to the lane you want to be in more quickly and efficiently and will also help to prevent accidents.

In some cases it is sign posted that you are specifically not allowed to go over to the left lane after you have made a right turn. This is because there is simply not enough distance for drivers to do it efficiently and traffic problems will occur if they try. Also many drivers are not aware of the rules detailed here and would wait for a clearing to turn all the way across multiple lanes, causing tie-ups and delays for all the vehicles trying to move through the intersection.

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