Philadelphia Auto Accident Due to Hazardous Premises

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Hazardous Premises Results in Jury Verdict for the Injury Victim in Philadelphia Automobile Accident

An icy Philadelphia parking garage was the target of a premises liability lawyers claim when a vehicle slid on ice into a wall. The lawyer for the personal injury accident victim claimed that a hospital failed to keep the parking garage on it’s premises free from ice, which caused his automobile to crash into a wall. The premises liability attorney denied that there was ice in the garage. Substantial Premises liability compensation was awarded, by verdict, in favor of the car crash victim.

Philadelphia Premises Liability Claims of Car Crash Due To Ice

The premises injury victim claimed that his auto slipped on ice on hospital premises, causing his auto to crash into the wall, where he sustained serious personal injuries in Philadelphia. The hospital’s liability attorney called three witnesses who all stated that they inspected the car crash scene immediately after the accident, and saw no ice. The lawyer for the premises argued that not only was there no ice, but it was too warm for ice to even form. They also argued that they had a reasonable inspection procedure for insecting and maintaining the garage, and that the hospital was in no way negligent in their property maintenance.

Philadelphia Car Crash and Ice on Premises Lawsuit Decision

The jury found that the hospital was 100% at fault for ice build up on the premises where the parking garage was located, and awarded the personal injury victim in this Philadelphia case $1.5M in compensation.

Premises Liability Lawyer in Philadelphia Discussion

Even though the hospital’s lawyers produced three credible witnesses who all said that there was no ice, the jury chose to believe the injury victim. The jury must have been persuaded that the three witnesses were biased, since they were employees of the hospital, and of course would try to help the hospital win the car accident case.