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As summer heats up, new challenges are presented to drivers. If you are aware of conditions that may arise with the change of seasons, you can help yourself avoid an unfortunate collision or loss of control on the road.

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During a Pennsylvania summer you need to contend with early morning and late afternoon sun more often than in the winter. When the angle of the sun is coming directly at the direction you are driving, the ability to see the road in front of you is severely impaired. This is something that all the vehicles going in that direction will experience. Even if you have it under control, the car next to you may not. A Philadelphia injury lawyer provides valuable consultation services for most any type of car accident.

A vehicle that overheats can put you into a dangerous situation as well. If your engine cooling system malfunctions in the summer heat, you will be forced to pull over to the side of the road. If you are on a highway or even a two lane county road, a vehicle sitting on the shoulder is in danger of being impacted by a car passing by that is only slightly out of their lane.

Thunderstorms and Hail

Sudden precipitation events are common in the summer months, with torrential rains and sometimes large hail storms appearing out of nowhere. Previously dry roads become slick in an instant, something with which an auto accident compensation attorney is familiar. Cars sliding on freshly wet pavement can spin out of control and cause multiple car accidents where an auto accident compensation attorney needs to be hired to protect your rights.

As rain continues to come down, flooded roadways are a real concern, especially in mountain areas. When warnings are posted about the possibility of flash floods, there is real danger in the area. Be sure to be hyper vigilant when the road dips into valleys and passes through narrow canyons.

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