Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Pennsylvania

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motor vehicle accident causes

No two car accidents are alike, but there are some common reasons why they occur in Pennsylvania. As a car accident attorney for almost 2 decades, I have seen my fair share of accidents – and know what typically causes them. If you have been seriously injured, contact me today to schedule a case evaluation….

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What to Do When You’re Injured on a SEPTA Bus

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SEPTA bus accident

SEPTA truly makes Philadelphia’s public transit system unique. With their train, trolley and bus system, you can enjoy multiple  routes throughout the city. SEPTA trolleys, trains and buses transport hundreds of people each day, and are typically safe. If they are involved in an accident, however, the injuries can be traumatic. More often than not,…

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How is Mediation Used to Settle Personal Injury Claims?

Categories: Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury mediation

Over the past few years, more personal injury claims are moving away from the long, expensive process of trial, and instead opting for mediation. Lawyers and insurance companies alike see the benefits of mediation for their claims, and the value of the process. In fact, mediation is used more often than trial to determine a…

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Choosing the Right Settlement Disbursement Option

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personal injury settlement

Most personal injury plaintiffs choose to receive their settlement in a lump-sum payment. In other words, they prefer that the defendant (or the defendant’s insurance company) pays them the entire settlement amount in one payment. Some plaintiffs, though, prefer to have their settlement paid to them in what is called a “structured settlement.” In a…

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Seven Major Differences Between Truck and Car Accident Claims

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car and truck accident

Besides the obvious fact that trucks are often much larger than cars, and can therefore cause more damage, there are many other differences between accidents claims that involve trucks and those involving only cars. Here is a list of seven major differences between truck and car accident claims: #1 The Number of Defendants: With a…

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