Avoiding Accidents When Kids Go Back to School

As each new school year starts, there are children who will ride the bus, walk along sidewalks, and ride bikes to school. Parents and other drivers can follow a few safety tips to protect these children. Bus Safety According to reports released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, riding the bus is about 13 […]

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The Most Common SEPTA Accidents

Although SEPTA is generally considered to be a safe means of transit, it is not free of accidents. Every year, SEPTA carries 321 million passengers a distance of over 1.45 billion miles throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania, as well as Newark, Delaware and Trenton, New Jersey. These millions of passengers […]

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Steps to Take When You Are In a SEPTA Accident in Pennsylvania

We can all recognize the many benefits from SEPTA because it is a cheap and convenient way for people to travel around Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. However, using SEPTA is very risky because many people get seriously injured when there is an accident involving a SEPTA vehicle. If you are involved in a SEPTA bus, trolley, […]

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Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in PA?


Even if I’ve already initiated an accident claim? As long-time readers know, I’ve covered the topic of how to file claims in various types of cases on the blog before. One of the first steps I recommend in virtually every case is to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney in PA. Most […]

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What To Do If You’re Involved In a SEPTA Bus Accident In PA


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) is one of the largest, most reliable public transportation systems in North America, used by millions of Philadelphians and tourists daily. But with this winter’s cold, snowy, and icy conditions still making it dangerous to get around the City, accidents are bound to happen and it’s a good idea […]

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Auto Accident Injury Lawyer Severe Winter Weather Driving Tips


Winter driving conditions have significant impact on both the raw number of auto accidents that take place in Pennsylvania, and on their severity. As an auto accident injury lawyer, I am unfortunately faced with many unlucky customers who, due to the weather conditions, have been involved in automobile accidents through no fault of their own during […]

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