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I am Philadelphia car accident lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esq. Since 1995, I have devoted my personal injury law practice to representing people filing a car accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania, filing an auto accident claims, and negotiating car accident settlements against large insurance companies and auto manufacturers.

Philadelphia car accident lawyer PhiladelphiaI am a seasoned personal injury attorney and trial lawyer who knows that insurance companies only pay attention to your car accident injuries when you are prepared to make your car accident claim heard in court. I am an unyielding negotiator on your behalf, and am not afraid of an car accident injury claim court battle.

Car Accident Claims and Settlements

The majority of car accident lawyers (approx. 95%) can settle car accident cases before they make it to a courtroom. However, good lawyers will prepare the car accident claim from the outset as if going to court will be necessary. Jeffrey Penneys takes each car accident injury case very seriously and prepares accordingly.  Although a car accident lawsuit may become necessary, it does not mean that we will see the inside of a courtroom — again, we can settle claims before getting to that stage in the majority of cases.

There are many different types of car accidents, such as a hit-and-run in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a dart out case in Montgomery County, a drunk driver causing injury in Bucks County, a SUV wreck in Delaware County, or a simple head-on collision case in Chester County. Event though he is a  car accident attorney in Philadelphia, Jeffrey Penneys handles cases from across the entire state of Pennsylvania.

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car accident lawyer Philadelphia PA lawyersOftentimes, violation of the Pennsylvania motor vehicle code provides clear legal liability or fault for violations involving truck accidents, car accidents and auto injuries. The purpose of this section is to give victims of a car accident in Pennsylvania an overview of PA motor vehicle law and how it relates to a personal injury lawsuit and victims. Some of the common code violations that give rise to liability in a car accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania include driving without a license, drinking and driving, driving without insurance or insufficient insurance, illegal U turn, hit and run, mechanical violations, reckless driving, running a red light or a stop sign, or speeding.

How Will The Person I Sue Be Affected If I Bring a Bodily Injury Claim?

Almost all personal injury claims are defended by insurance companies and their lawyers, so the negligent person or business you make a claim against will not have to pay any money out-of-pocket. A personal injury claim is a civil case in Pennsylvania, so the defendant will not be punished criminally (unless, generally, it was a DUI situation).

How Will My Auto Accident Lawyer Be Paid?

Personal injury lawyers are hired under a “Contingency Fee Agreement.” Your attorney collects a percentage of the recovery — you pay nothing out-of-pocket, and there is no retainer that you pay. If no financial recovery is collected, you owe even the best car accident lawyer nothing!

Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawsuits Resolution

Auto crash claims can differ case by case, and how long a case in Pennsylvania takes depends upon several factors:

  • A large factor in the length of an car wreck case is treatment — the longer a personal injury victim treats, the longer it’ll take because we cannot determine the value of her claim until she has reached “maximum medical improvement” and can ascertain what her total medical bills are, etc.
  • Likewise, we need to know what medical bills need to be paid by the at-fault insurance company, if any.
  • Another factor is the insurance company. If they take responsibility, we have to see if they are going to be fair with a settlement offer. If they are fair, then the case will not have to be put in suit and that takes less time than if we do have to sue. If they are unfair, then a lawsuit will become necessary.

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